3D Silk Eyelash

  • 3D Silk Eyelashes

    If you love wear 3D silk eyelashes, you should take more care of false eyelashes, remove eyelashes, protect your eyelids and your own true eyelashes to use more false eyelashes. Don't put on a false eyelash to pull off the real eyelashes, if that will cry really won't...
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  • Silk Fake Eyelashes

    We all love to wear the silk fake eyelashes, but if you want to make the fake eyelashes look more natural and beautiful, you need to look at these points. 1. Carefully trim the false eyelashes: Too long false eyelashes have only one word "fake"! Not only the length...
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  • Silk False Eyelashes

    silk false eyelashes are a type of beauty product. The art is designed for the eye, and the eyelashes are enchantingly adorned with an elf-like temperament, specially designed to be transparent, and the color of the colored eyelashes is completely shot on the face. Many...
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  • 3D Silk Lashes

    1. There are several kinds of false eyelashes on the market, how should they be selected, and what kind of people are suitable for each? The eyelashes on the market are divided into machine-made eyelashes and hand-made eyelashes. The machine-made lashes is relatively hard and...
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