Strip False Eyelash

  • Fake Mink Lashes

    Girls are both love and hate for fake mink lashes. The effect is good but the adhesion is not good. It is like telling others: "i have sticked the false eyelashes today!" So how can you stick the fake mink lashes like real? Here's a little trick that hopefully...
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  • Natural Looking False Eyelashes

    For beautiful makeup, delicate eye makeup is essential. In the whole eye makeup, wearing a natural looking false eyelashes is the easiest to get started, and the effect is also the most obvious step. For the novice makeup, just learn how to handle the false eyelashes, then...
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  • Faux Mink False Lashes

    How do eyelashes grow longer? Every girl wants to have the beautiful and longer eyelashes, then with a big eyes. It is more beautiful and perfect. So how do you make eyelashes grow longer? Now we introduce a normal ways -- wear the faux mink false lashes. It can also make...
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  • Silk Mink Lashes

    The silk mink false eyelashes can instantly double the size of the eye and become divine, so many girls will stick to false eyelashes. But also many girls put the silk mink lashes in an arbitrary position after wear it . It will broken when u want to wear next time . Now we...
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  • Magnetic Mink Eyelashes

    The magnetic mink eyelashes is one of the most popular eyelash styles recently .as it is weared without the glue , then let many girls can wear it by themselves at home . But how to wear the magnetic mink eyelashes ? Let us tell in details : Unlike the normal false eyelashes,...
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  • Magnetic False Eyelashes

    A pair of beautiful false eyelashes is the dream of every girl. The long eyelashes can conceal the defects of the eyes. For those who have thin and short eyelashes, wear the false eyelashes naturally become a must-have for makeup, but the glue with false eyelashes becomes a...
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